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MSDE 2000 Installation How-To (continued)


Downloading and Installing

If you installed VS2K3, the installation process should have given you a link to download the MSDE setup program. If you skipped over that, you can go here for the MSDE download page.

Download and run it, which will extract the setup files to a folder you specify. When done, go to the Command Prompt and CD to the directory you just had the setup files extracted to.

Unfortunately with MSDE you can't just run setup and be done... you have to use command line parameters or create a setup.ini file containing these parameters. If you looked around the MSDE download page we were just at, you'll see a couple of pages full of confusing setup options. Ignore those and try this first:

setup TARGETDIR="<where to install it>" DATADIR="<where to store database files>" SECURITYMODE=SQL INSTANCENAME="VSDOTNET" SAPWD=<password (no quotes)>

This should get you set up... reboot and you should see a little gray server icon in your tray area, hopefully with a green arrow on it. If so, you've done it!


Next... Where's the GUI?

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