Syntap Software's SETI @ Home Bragging Rights Graphic Page

Well, you've jacked up your electric bill (or some school computer lab's electric bill ;o  ) cranking out packets in support of the SETI@Home system.  Show off your success with one of the following buttons.  Show your pride and post your percentage and ranking buttons proudly!! You can check your own stats here to see where you rank.

The SETI@Home n% Club The SETI@Home n Ranking Club
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seticlub_P02.gif (1410 bytes) seticlub_P20.gif (1422 bytes) seticlub_100.gif (661 bytes) seticlub_10000.gif (678 bytes) seticlub_20000.gif (684 bytes)
seticlub_P03.gif (1412 bytes) seticlub_P30.gif (1424 bytes) seticlub_500.gif (661 bytes) seticlub_11000.gif (678 bytes) seticlub_30000.gif (680 bytes)
seticlub_P04.gif (1414 bytes) seticlub_P40.gif (1424 bytes) seticlub_1000.gif (673 bytes) seticlub_12000.gif (684 bytes) seticlub_40000.gif (683 bytes)
seticlub_P05.gif (1410 bytes) seticlub_P50.gif (1424 bytes) seticlub_2000.gif (673 bytes) seticlub_13000.gif (683 bytes) seticlub_50000.gif (684 bytes)
seticlub_3000.gif (675 bytes) seticlub_14000.gif (684 bytes) seticlub_100000.gif (689 bytes)
seticlub_4000.gif (675 bytes)

This page was last updated on February 18, 2000

seticlub_P01.gif (1407 bytes)  seticlub_13000.gif (683 bytes)