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Time Stamp - Version Info
Version 3.20

- Incremental time

- Added shortcut key sequences in Notes dialog and in Notes in task edit. CTRL-A for Select All, CTRL-ENTER to hit dialog OK button, and ESC to hit dialog Cancel button.

- Ability to quickly chain end time of tasks to start times of subsequent tasks, as well as start times of tasks to end times of preceding tasks

Version 3.12 Bug Fix: Top fixed-cell area would show error when clicked under some circumstances.
Version 3.11

- There is a new GUI Options Preference setting that lets you customize the font size of the text in the Outlook Bar buttons.

- When exporting ASCII text, elements in mutli-line Notes fields are now separated by a semicolon to keep the entire Notes field within the tab delimitation.

- The source code is now included in the distribution under the 'src' directory.

- Bug Fix: Hopefully fixed the "Recent Files" Outlook bar area to properly display buttons for recently opened and saved files.

- Bug Fix: Reports should now pay attention to font type and size preferences.

- Bug Fix: Fixed bug where column sort corrupted data when a manual edit of start or end times occurred before project was last saved.

- Other column sorting bug fixes.

Version 3.10

Project bar for faster project selection.

Columns sort by clicking on column header.

Version 3.03

GPL'd, other stuff.

Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.02

Number of time entries increased from 500 to 750.

Minor bug fixes.

Pre-3.02 Available in Help File of Application

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