Rush : Vapor Trails Remix – Phenomenal, well worth it and toss the old disc

Thanks to’s AutoRip I can listen to this before the actual disc arrives.

The new Vapor Trails remix sounds really good, it feels like I’m listening to all-new music. It’s like a power washer was applied, forcing out all the static and noise dirt. They must have included pieces or takes that were previously on the cutting room floor, there is now stuff in the songs I hadn’t heard/noticed before. Example is a little guitar solo after the bass solo part in Ceiling Unlimited.

Vocal tracks are totally different in some cases, like in Peaceable Kingdom. They had to have re-recorded some of this.

After listening to the “good” one I’ll have to listen to the old one to see if I can pick out some of this that was hidden by the noise, but there is definitely more stuff that wasn’t in the old mix. Feels like it is 20% different, as if the original release was the demo for the real thing.

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